Categories of the  IGDH:

SKL: Lipochrom birds:      
1. yellow intensive        
2. yellow mold         
3. yellow mosaic        
4. yellow ivoor intensive        
5. yellow ivoor mold        
6. red intensive        
7. red mold          
8. red mosaic        
9. red ivoor intensive        
10. red ivoor mold        
11. white recessive        
12. white dominat        
  Classic melanin birds:      
13. intensive        
13. mold         
13. mosaic        
13. with grey wings      
14. 1.agate intensive        
14. 2.agate mold        
14. 3.agate mosaic        
14. 4.agate white        
15 1.brown intensive        
15 2.brown mold        
15 3.brown mosaic        
15 4.brown white        
16 1.isabell intensive        
16 2.isabell mold        
16 3.isabell mosaic        
16 4.isabell white        
  Non-classic melanin birds:      
17 1.phaeo          
17 2.satinet          
17 3.topas          
17 4.eumo          
17 5.onyx          
17 6.cobalt          
17 7.opal          
17 8.pastel          
17 9.others          
  Collective class of chant:      
18 1.lipochrom         
18 2.melanin           
  Collective class of old birds:      
19 every age and colour        

Regulations for the exhibition of the I G D H


1          Regulations:


1.1     Admitted are only birds oft your own youth breeding, which are                        officially marked with a ring of the DKB or AZ in the right size.


1.2                In strips all of the four birds must have the same sized and colored ring of the breeding organization and the same breeding number.


1.3                At the moment only singular birds are admitted to the exhibitions.


1.4                The birds must be birds oft the youngest age group. Exceptions are the old birds oft the SKL.


1.5                The exhibition takes place at the third weekend of Advent season. For certain reasons the appointment can be rearranged by the management of the IGHD.


1.6          Every member of the IGDH can be the topman of the exhibition. The IGDH must to agree with the topman and the exhibition place.


2          Application:


2.1          The birds must be registered in written form at least 14 days before the exhibition starts.


2.2          At the day of arrival the application must be done on the regular formular of the IGDH considering the colour, ring number and SKL.


2.3                You must pay a stall fee for your birds.


2.4                You can only display the birds in clean and accurate cages.


2.5                The amount of the stall fee is assigned and announced by the IDGH.


2.6                At the moment the stall fee is 1,50€ for members and 2,50€ for non-members.


3          Categories:


3.1   The categories are appropriate to the decision of the latest general business meeting of the                  IGDH.


3.2      For each different category there will be a winner.


3.3      If there are more than 10 birds in a category there will be a second winner, from more than 20 birds a third winner, and from more than 40 birds an fourth winner, and so on…


3.4      The classic melanin-birds of the SKL 13.1.-16.4. will be separated by colour and intensity if there are more than three birds in one category. The SKL categories will then be split into 13.1.1. -16.4.1. 


3.5     T he non-classic melanin-birds of the SKL 17.1.-17.9. will be separated by colour if there are more than three birds in one category. The SKL categories will then be split into 17.1.1.,….


3.6      In each SKL category there can be displayed an unlimited amount of birds.


3.7      In each category there only will be one winner.


3.8        Each winner will get a certificate.


3.9       Out of all the german hood canary birds there will be identified:

the champion lipochrom bird and

the champion melanin bird.


3.10    We will also identify the general performances: „the 5 best german hood canary birds of one            breeder“ and 

„the 10 best hood canary birds of one breeder“ in each category of the youngest age group. .

There will also be a challenge cup for „the 5 best melanin hood canary birds of one                            breeder.”


3.11       The two champions of the categories and the winners of the general performances will get challenge cups.


3.11.1       More cups and gains will only be awarded if the cash position is good.
Other founded gains will be assigned by the management.



4          Assessment.: 


4.1          The assessment of the canary birds must be taken related to the conditions of the professional group.


4.2          The correct execution of the assessment of the canary birds on the IGHD exhibition is warranted by the topman or his deputy.

                The assessment places are only approachable to the topman and the jury.

                The birds will be assessed in reference to the written form of application.


4.3          The choice and order of the jury is incumbent to the management of the IGDH.


4.4          The ascending order of positioning must be visible on a document.


45           The original assessment cards must be given to the exhibitor at the end of the exhibition.


4.6          The placing of the cages must be on behalf of the visitors and exhibitors.
The cages must be placed related to the guidelines.


4.7          The assessment cards must be fixed at the cages.


5          Evaluation and placement:


5.1          In case of tie, the evaluation of the canary birds will be carried out by the acting jury.

                If the jury members are non-attendant anymore, the guidelines of the DKB enter into force.


5.2           The birds may be controlled respective the rings.


5.3          In case of ring manipulation all the birds of one exhibitor will be staid AK and further steps of the IGDH                 may follow.


5.2.1           Other AK settlements are missing rings, rings which are too big, rings which are unreadable and manipulated birds in general.


5.5          Otherwise the guidelines of the DKB are in force.


6          Reasons for exclusion:


6.1          The general decisions of the DKB are in force.
These decisions can be found in the regulations of the professional group in the DKB.


7          Responsibility:


7.1                The IGDH does not take the responsibility for injury, death, theft and loss of the birds. 


8          The legal validity of the regulations for the exhibition:


8.1     The regulations for the exhibition enter into force by the decision of the management of the IGDH.